How it works

The Southern Africa Certified Expert course is an interactive online learning programme that will boost your knowledge about the tourism offerings of Southern Africa.

The course will introduce you to the 15 countries of the Southern African Development Community region, and their major tourism selling points.

Find out more about World Heritage Sites, natural attractions, stunning beaches, diverse cultures, warm people and infrastructure.

There are 16 modules (consisting of an introductory regional module and 15 country modules), and to qualify as a bronze-level Southern Africa Certified Expert you need to complete only six modules – the regional module and five country modules of your choice. However, you can improve your knowledge and certification by completing an additional choice of five or 10 country modules, qualifying you as a silver-level or gold-level expert, respectively.

On completion of the necessary modules, you will be awarded a certificate showing that you are a bronze-, silver- or gold-level expert in Southern Africa travel and tourism.

This increased knowledge of the region will help you to better structure business or leisure trips for your clients (or prospective travellers).

You will need to read through and understand the content (including images) of the selected module. Thereafter you will need to successfully complete a 15-question multiple-choice test relevant to that module. You will need to achieve 80% in order to pass the module.

It is important to note that the test has to be completed in one sitting. There is no time limit, however, for completing the modules and tests.